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Welcome to the Virtual Football League. This is a league based in the U.K and is a simulation e-sport league where you can come in with your friends and/or join a team to try to win the title of "VFL Champion".

We existed on XBOX 360 for 6 seasons before making the jump to the XBOX One, therefore, we want to welcome returning members as well as potential new members. We will shortly be able to offer all 4 power regions of competitive world football, as we currently have the VFL Barclays Premier League and the VFL Championship for England, as well as the VFL Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga for Germany, and VFL Serie A and VFL Serie B for Italy, and therefore, we cannot wait to add the VFL La Liga into our site for our Xbox users!

As well as all the fantastic team features for Xbox One, we have also recently branched out to our friends on PS4, and now have a dedicated Ligue 1 division to satisfy the needs of our cross-console pals, allowing them to enjoy the VFL experience. So don't be discouraged if you don't have an Xbox One, head over to the forums and simply check out the Ligue 1 free agency pool!

On top of all that, the thing that separates VFL from other top-notch websites out there, is our community. For 3 long years, the community on VFL has been a pillar of support, and has allowed us to grow, and become something that people enjoy more than before! Friendly, supporting, and relaxed, the community here (well, the majority....) are drama free and are mostly welcoming, again, making the experience less drama-filled and more enjoyable!
Whether you come in with friends or by yourself, teams are always looking for the next "big" free agent talent, could that be you? So come on in, read the rules, join the site, get playing, and become a part of one of the fastest growing FIFA communities out there to date!

Other than that, thanks for reading, feel free to browse the website for any information you need, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us (the owners), via. our Gamertags below. Thank you for stopping by, see you on game day, and thank you for choosing the Virtual Football League as your choice of clubs!


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VFL England

Wanting to join the club you support? Win the divisions that have been around longest? The VFL BPL and Championship is the place for you, as you can attempt to replicate the career of your favourite player!

BPL Division - 20 Teams

Championship Division - 20 Teams

VFL Germany

Wanting to take a trip abroad in your career? Germany is the place to go! With heavyweights like Dortmund and Munich around the corner, can you become the next big Bundesliga or 2. Bundesliga star?

Bundesliga Division: 18 Teams

2. Bundesliga Division: 16 Teams

VFL Italy

The Milan Derby, the Scudetto, what more could you want from the VFL Serie A and even Serie B! Take a flight over to Italy and try to win it all, while trying to become the next Pirlo, Inzaghi or Cannavaro!

Serie A Division - 20 Teams

Serie B Division: 12 Teams

VFL France

Not got an Xbox? Got a PS4? Perfect! Begin your VFL career in our first ever Playstation division! Can you replicate the likes of Ibrahimovic and fight for your spot in the exclusive PS4 Cup with your team? Only one way to find out!

Ligue 1 Division: 10 Teams

Ligue 2 Division: Coming Soon!