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    The NiceCactus World Series - Event #3 - 24/01/22 - Sign-Up + Information Thread

    Club Name - Fluidity Manager Discord ID - FFrenzi x#7908 "I confirm that I have read all the information and the rules, understand them all, and will be present for the event on December 20th"
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    VFL Northern Ireland trialling thread

    GT - FFrenzi x discord - FFrenzi x#7908 s49 club - Bristol Rovers position(s) in a 4231 - DM position(s) in a 352 - DM availability on january 14th to 16th - free for all how are you northern irish? - capped can you provide proof if needed? - capped number of caps (if any)? - 13 I think
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    * Gamertag Change Thread *

    Old GT - Frenzi aG New GT - FFrenzi x Team assigned to - Bristol Rovers Username on site - FFrenzi x
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    VFL Northern Ireland - World Cup

    GT - Frenzi aG Position - DM/CM S48 Team - Bristol Rovers Experience - 8 seasons, internationals and 11s Derry or Londonderry? - Londonderry
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    Congrats Bristol Rovers

    Cheers bro, the loudmouth in midfield you mean
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    VFL Northern Ireland Trialing Thread

    Gamertag: Frenzi aG Site Name: Frenzi aG Position: DM Secondary Position: FB Any other positions you can play well: ST Twitter @: @Frenzi_aG Skype: Frenzi aG Discord @: Frenzi_aG#7908 Age (for Rurrs): 22 Caps (if you know): 13 Are you free for the games: yes Are you free Monday/ Wednesday/...
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    England trials - UPDATED

    Good luck @mailbag0000 @xJonesy18 @I LJC I @ZeusMs2800 @Shearsmith96 @Fame Quality go smash it
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    VFL NI Euros Trialing Thread - 'Mon the GAWA

    Gamertag: Frenzi aG Position (3-5-2): DM Position (4-2-3-1): DM # of caps: 13 How do you qualify: capped Can you provide proof: ^ Skype: Frenzi aG Discord: Frenzi_aG#7908 Trial Sessions Available (delete as appropriate): Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun
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    VFL England - Squad Announcement

    Congrats @IWaterfield28I good luck
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    VFL Scotland Nations League Application

    GT: Frenzi aG Age: 21 First Position: DM Second Position: FB How do you qualify for Scotland: Mums Grandfather is Scottish Availability for the 28th/29th: yes Discord: Filbob#7908
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    VFL England Nations League Trialing Thread

    GT : Frenzi aG Position : DM/FB Skype (MUST HAVE) : [email protected] Availability between 27th and the 2nd : all games How you qualify for England : Born here
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    VFL Northern Ireland - Nations League

    GT: Frenzi aG Main Pos: DM Backup Pos: FB but prefer to stay DM Age: 21 How do you qualify for NI: Dads side of the family are from all over Ireland
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    VFL Ireland Trialing Teams

    @Mr Unsuitable if a DM is needed for tomorrow I can hop in
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    VFL England Trials

    @Pogs if any DMs drop out for today or sunday I can hop in if you want