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    PSN Name Change Thread

    PSN - Former: finnhutch17 New: Finn-I9I Username on site - Finn-I9I Team assigned to - FA atm but could be put on Spurs roster
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    VFL England - Season 50 Euros

    PSN: finnhutch17 Discord (# is a MUST): Finn-#6411 Position(s): WM Age: 17 Mic?: Yes Previous Experience: EL Exp, won french cup this season, Prem/Champ VPG with QPR . Won some trophies on there S49 Team: Montpellier How do you qualify (incase proof needs to be shown): Live here and...
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    Any teams to take over ? Join this and look out in the jobs channel !
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    Is vfl playstation on ps4 or 5

    S49 is now in closing stages but in this season they ran Prem and Champ on PS4. Ligue 1 & La Liga on PS5 . Us and the admins do not know what they’re doing as of yet. But i assume it will be playable on both consoles in S50 :)
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    Dicord links Here is the PS discord, if you join and accept rules etc. You can easily find a team. Good luck
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    S48 Europa League Winners- Fulham

    Well done ⚽️
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    S48 Carabao Cup Winners - Newcastle United

    Grats Dean, Butcher and boys ❤️
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    Why is it impossible to find a team? (PS4) **Our League!**
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    VFL RCD Espanyol - Liga Adelante - Champions

    Fair play boys bossed the league
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    S47 prediction thread

    Paderborn for Bundes 2
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    Why tf u on my old account called finnella111 and u now called Hutch.

    Why tf u on my old account called finnella111 and u now called Hutch.
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