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    Small man now (VFL UNAM)

    Lmk if ur still on
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    Free now.

    Can play anywhere apart from gk cb
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    Sampdoria Signing Thread

    I confirm
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    FR Ibraa - RM / DM / LM

    User name: FR Ibraa You Realise This Is for Xbox: - Yes Gamertag: - FR Ibraa Age: - 17 Have A Mic? : - Yes Availability: - Some Availability Notes: - I can’t make Fridays most likely. Any other day is okay. Main Position: - RM Secondary Position: - DM Third Position: - LM...
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    Chievo S42 - Title only

    Shut up noob
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    Small Man

    That’s peng
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    Roast me

    That’s my profession, going in
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    Roast me

    No point you’ll fail again but don’t let that put you down you can always become a pro fifa pro clubs player with clout
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    Roast me

    No need to roast you’re already hot
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    Chievo S42 - Title only

    GT - FR Ibraa Position(s) - DM (experience in St but bored of it) Skype - linked FT/PT? - don’t mind Can u carry Matty? - is he fat
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    Are you still on
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    Fütsal FC - SM

    I’ll go ST
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    AC Juniors - 8.30pm Start

    ST or DM
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    Need ST for 8

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    Waiting on request