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    VFL Nottingham Forest (S42)

    Welcome to Forest
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    Nottingham Forest (S42)

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    VFL Nottingham Forest (S42)

    frimmyball has arrived
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    Nottingham Forest (S42) taking over for next season. feel free to apply if you're looking for something a little more chilled.
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    VFL Nottingham Forest (S42)

    get applying folks, I'll be in touch over the next week or so. also, thanks to @Weatherall 11 for handing Forest over :)
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    VFL Nottingham Forest (S42)

    Hi I've chosen to take Forest with pals of mine. some of us know each other in person, other's have known each other for around four years due to this site. we're a chilled group that are aiming to add to our core. looking for players that know how to hold a controller, without getting...
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    S42 Managers looking to step/take over (dicussion thread)

    hi looking for a league two side plenty of experience over the past four years or so (about 10 seasons in management all together) and shall bring a full roster with me
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    How’s Your Night Going? (Sunday)

    Aaron Mooy isn’t a defender
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    S41 Predictions

    it’ll go something like this
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    Need ram

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    Clubs - Ya PaSh

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    Frim - Free Now

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    Frim - Free Now

    Anywhere bar GK