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    Congrats Chambleh

    @Panter nige would be proud
  2. Frimmy

    Congrats Numancia

    @JHutchh I’m taking all the credit, you're welcome
  3. Frimmy

    Limfly - CAM / CM / LM

    OGC Nice legend
  4. Frimmy

    Cemzzy - ST / LW / RAM

    wow ego
  5. Frimmy

    Frankfurt S44 - S43 Champions

    GT: Frimmy x Position(s): Anywhere in defence Availability: Most Do you understand FT isn’t guaranteed: Want PT
  6. Frimmy

    Congrats Frankfurt

    well done guys :)
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    How did your night go? (Friday)

    can’t have been you ;)
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    The Italian Job - Official Team

    @Cemzzy :D
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    VFL Ireland Trial Squads (07/04/2020 - 10/04/2020)

    6th Team B 9th Team B confirm for both
  10. Frimmy

    FIFA 16 Flashback Fantasy Competition - April 11th - Late Sign Ups in here

    GT: Frimiesta Skype (don't say "you got me" this is for the manager, not me): live:.cid.3f0e63a8f2aef900 Discord: N Main position/s: DM/WM Secondary position/s: CB/FB Do you want to be a manager Y/N: No
  11. Frimmy

    VFL Ireland Euro Squad Applications

    Gamertag: Frimiesta (was Frimmy x) Skype: on profile Positions (In order of preference): CB, WM, DM S42 Club: Forest as manager Are you Capped? Yes Can you provide actual proof of your nationality? ^
  12. Frimmy

    Forest - Manager Needed

    Sorted now, thanks to those who asked :)