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    Just play your best game and a team will sign you up in no time ;)
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    VFL PS4 - Season History

    Season 48 PS4 Community Shield - Brentford Season 48 PS4 Super Copa de Espana Winner - Atletico Madrid Season 48 PS4 DFL Supercup Winner - SC Freiburg Season 48 PS4 BPL League Winner - Season 48 PS4 BPL Runner-Up - Season 48 PS4 nPower Championship Winner - Season 48 PS4 nPower Championship...
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    *OFFICIAL* - Season 47 Ballon D'or Winners

    Hello and Welcome all to the VFL S47 Ballon D'or results thread! So, the Ballon D'or. What is it? Why are we here? Well my friends, we're here as managers and peers to appreciate, acknowledge and heap our praises on those outstanding performers of last season, those that MADE the difference to a...
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    VFL PS4 - TOTW Archive

    S47 Champions League TOTT Starting XI: @PADDERS24 @boswort_h @Bixy7oda @TroyeeR @TomXXVI- @MohRafa27 @Billureino @YxngGomez @ABxtr @x_Dean-96_x @KD7x_ Bench: @BaffLDN @Kieraan88 @killer_manor @XDanP17 @xZak92x @Weziiix @zCeadith
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    VFL PS4 - TOTW Archive

    S47 Europa League TOTT Starting XI: @HodsterMc @vHughezy @AGBrewer @WILSXN_6 @FrostyBoy1302 @CASHIN264 @Alfiebh17_ @Scholtetje @JVertigo94 @Jackpriddyx @xStephen7x Bench: @Mxmphis02 @Mo_Arsenal @xAceVI- @Sid11-_ @Kellswalker @xJDegiorgio19_ @top-dog03
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    Manager Loyalty Award

    Dortmund S46/47