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    Hey . My manager promised me that he will release me at the end of the season but he didn't released me yet I keep pm him on psn but he never reply me back pls help me cuz I want to sign for another team but I can't cuz of that..
    When will people become Free Agents again? Ive signed at the beginning of last season for Burnley and im still with them. Thats not what i want. The manager has blocked me on whatsapp and doesnt respond to me in any way shape or form. Please help me.
    Can you message me on Skype when you see this please mate
    I have a release from west brom. I kept that mail, in case there is misunderstanding. So I'm free agent and can sign other team. There are more players that still play vfl that where in West brom. When ik read down below that oliverroy wants to manage aan team, then it's fair i sign stoke
    Hello, I am yesterday released at my old club and i already have signed at my new club , but I am still at my old club? I dont know why, Can it be sorted out because i want to play for my new club tonight at VFL
    Hi it's VFL huddlefield town manger m8 I have put on the huddlefield town lounge the 5 players I want to release when will that get updated m8
    I am happy to manage a team now
    Skype - Lewis Robbins
    Email - [email protected]
    PSN - xRobbins_
    Expierence - Real Life/ and 5 seasons VFL
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