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    Fifa 22 opinions.

    Enjoying it so far, still need to play about with builds but for me 5”4/5”6 at around 154lbs CAM is the one I enjoy, still really low rated, looking forward to ranking up and maybe pushing it up to the 5”8/5”10 heights to get full advantage but as it stands the lower rating smaller player works...
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    New formation meta on '22?

    433 FTW, had lots of success this fifa with it as teams are so used to playing 352, sit 3 attackers man for man and you see who can really defend or not :D
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    VFL Friendly Tourney

    First tourney ran smooth apart from one team deciding to stop after the groups but all in all, very successful and good feed back from the teams involved, I’ll be running some more of these next week, the discord is growing nicely
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    VFL Friendly Tourney

    Like many other teams that have been trying to run sessions recently, we’ve been frustrated at the lack of friendlies we are finding due to various early ODC’s, we’ve played in some of these and although enjoyable, just a little too early for my older boys and it only guarantees 3 games if...
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    Who is staying on old-gen and who is going to new gen for next season?

    Love the series X but I have a question for any of the boys / girls with the Series S? does it still feel like a new upgraded console from the ONE? I believe the Series S is still more powerful, there’s an easy option to upgrade the storage, ok no disc drive but I don’t think it’s that much of...
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    yo is vfl only next gen next fifa

    You can get the ultimate edition for like £57 if you use the USA dash
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    VFL Xbox - TOTW Archive

    VFL Season 47 Team of the Season Bundesliga GK - @Carlsson - Bor. Dortmund - He only played 10 games for the league champions this season but kept a cool 7 clean sheets, playing a huge part in keeping Dortmund at the top of the pile. Congrats on the season and more of the same next time! CB...
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    VFL Scotland Application Thread

    Gamertag : L ShoBo L (also known as number 1 :D) 1st Position : AM (either wide or middle) 2nd Position : WM / FB Are you Scottish? Aye Skype/discord? Shobo1989 (Skype) Caps? 7 Availability on 27/11/2020 - 29/11/2020 - All Finish this sentence.. "YES SIR, I CAN...." BOOOOOOOOGIE
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    Lexical (Newcastle) - 8-10

    8pm start GK: @Ipr0 Waddog RB: @XxBradbury259xX CB: @Gordy67 x CB: @Bluenose66 uk LB: DM: @KieranRooney18x DM: @Bisset CM: @M4RTYPEllO RW: @cleggy LUFC ST: ShoBo LW: @SIR TASH TV awaiting replies from some of my lads, not first come and must have a mic and join party. Post below positions
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    Lexical (Newcastle) - 8-10pm

    Session tonight 8-10, not first come, must have a mic and join party. GK: @Ipr0 Waddog RB: @XxBradbury259xX CB: @Gordy67 x CB: @Bluenose66 uk LB: @Lensoloo DM: @Bisset DM: @BBK NATO CM: @M4RTYPEllO RW: @cleggy LUFC ST: @Davidmgrice7 LW: ShoBo
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    Lexical - 8-10pm

    sound, on for 8pm bud
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    Lexical - 8-10pm

    Just CB needed
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    Lexical - 8-10pm

    Looking for some players tonight, not first come, must have a mic and join party. 8pm start Club Name: Lexical GK: @x Haseem x RB: @Ear Spacers CB: @JoseSharn2014 CB: @Bluenose66 uk LB: @XxBradbury259xX DM: @KieranRooney18x DM: @Bisset CM: @M4RTYPEllO RW: @Max 9x ST: @Clark l 11 l LW: @ShoBo
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    Lexical - 8-10pm

    Possibly looking for a CB
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    Lexical - 8-10pm

    CB and LW needed