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    Thoughts on Newgen

    New gen is better for clubs minus the stupid animations (which actually makes the game feel more realistic)
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    Congratulations Manchester United, Season 49 Championship Play Off Winners!

    Congrats to @BennyBeadle and the team! Welcome to the Premier League.
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    Wm build and perks ?

    I've tried using the actual wm build with all the passing perks and they do seem to work (sometimes). I like the fact I don't have to spend as many points on weak foot and passing because it's already sorted within the perks. But I've found I've struggled with tackling and intercepting with the...
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    New formation meta on '22?

    3-5-2 for me. With CB's so pacey (and now strong - on latest update with the extra skill points that's where I'd put them) it's still a solid option having two strikers and two overlapping wide mids. Through balls don't seem as good as a go to option but if one of the strikers drop in there's...
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    Whos your Vfl Best pal

    @DC RAPID is my guy. We sign for the same team and he always ends up disappearing for the last weekend
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    Fifa 22 opinions.

    ST for when I played WAM. WM for when I played WM. Was tempted to try WB but I was enjoying the session as a WM build. Also I am on negative 12 skill points so I haven't messed with my builds, rather keep the borrowed points for when I'm like level 20.
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    Fifa 22 opinions.

    Struggling for stamina in sessions. Played WAM and WM so far so obviously I expect a big stamina drain from having to drop back sometimes. Just looking forward to being level 21 for that second wind.
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    VFL England - World Cup trial teams

    Got to pull out @Rockerr 27, sorry :confused:
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    Ireland World Cup trials

    Team 4 confirm
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    VFL England - World Cup trial teams

    Smowen96 - 04/08 - Team B - 7-8pm
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    VFL Wales World Cup thread

    GT: Smowen96 Position(s) (4231): CB. Backup as RB Mic? Y Availability over gamedays (13th/14th/15th // 20th//21st/22nd): 100% Capped? N Eligible to provide proof? (Not needed if capped): Yes
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    VFL Ireland World Cup trialling thread

    Gamertag: Smowen96 Discord: smowen#3478 Position(s): WCB, CB S48 Club: Deportivo How do you qualify for Ireland: Family Celtic or Rangers? Don't ask :) would rather the Celtic badge though
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    VFL England - World Cup

    GT : Smowen96 Position(s) : WCB, CB S48 Team : Deportivo Discord : smowen#3478 How you qualify for England : Born here Availability for the 13th,14th,15th & 20th,21st and 22nd : 100%
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    VFL Ireland Trialing Sessions Thread

    Confirm 29th - Team A GT changed to Smowen96 though.