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    Congratulations Hull

    let's go boysss
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    Carabao cup semi final

    Friday pal
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    Cognrats Palace(i think)

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    Skype/Twitter: live:5fb861f4957682c Position(s): Wam / Cam S46 Club: Hull How are you eligible? (if capped, how many caps): 3 Availability for Trials (22/23/25/Feb): yh Availability for weekends of 5th & 12th March: yh
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    How's your night going thread? (Saturday)

    2-2 first game against Bradford fairly even game so 1 point is fair 3-2 win against wolves , was 3-0 up untill the 85th min and then they scored 2 ... Still a decent night
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    How is your night going (First Friday Edition)

    Played an average derby side , kept us at 0-0 till 60th minute then we finally got our 3 goals , defensively solid. 3-0 W
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    VFL Ireland-Trial teams

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    VFL Ireland S46-Application thread

    Gamertag: trizzyboi789 Position(can state multiple if necessary): Lam Skype: live:5fb861f4957682c Experience: a lot Nights you can make? (Weekends between 8th Jan-17th Jan) all Are you Irish? ye Can you provide proof if needed? already capped
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    VFL IRELAND APPLICATION THREAD (closes Thursday midnight)

    GT? trizzyboi789 1st Pos? Cb 2nd Pos? Dm Caps? 1 How you qualify ? already capped Skype? live:5fb861f4957682c Discord? Trizzyboi789#0546 Days you can't make ? can make all
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    Up the branlad

    Can now announce that @BranLad321 is officially a Genoa player :100
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    Premier League Predictions - 2020/21

    if yas want a laugh try predict the championship on that predictor thing :roflmao:
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    Premier League Predictions - 2020/21

    Just spent about 30 mins doing one of these and i lost it because i clicked the wrong button :roflmao::roflmao: Even if city sign messi they'll still be beatable , they still need to sign a LB in my eyes