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    VFL England Trials Application - Its Coming Home (Locking at Midnight Sunday)

    GT: ViP Spootan Pos 1st Choice (3-5-2): ST Pos 2nd choice (3-5-2): CAM or WM Discord: Spootan#0788 Caps: 0 How do you qualify: Born here
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    VWL: The long awaited return - Registration thread S14(WWE 2K22)

    Gamertag: ViP Spootan Availability(full/part time): Full Discord: Spootan#0788 When are you likely to have 2k22?: When it releases Do you wish to play in pre-season tournament(If applicable[Y/N])?: Yes
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    Congrats Plymouth

    360 pass mechanics are my best friend
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    Congrats Leverkusen

    Congrats @Limfly, @Lavew and @Eardzy
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    VFL England Trials 20th-23rd *Updated*

    23/12 - 8-9 - Confirm
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    VFL England - Application Thread - Closes 24/12/20

    GT: ViP Spootan Position(s): ST Skype/Discord: Spootan#0788 How do you qualify?: Born and live S45 Team: Auxerre Availability (19th Dec-3rd Jan): All apart from the 24th, 25th and 26th
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    Congrats Auxerre.

    Big W Lets go! GGs Rodez
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    VFL Scotland Squad Announcement

    Congrats @Mahrez
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    VFL England Trial Teams Confirmation

    31st B2 Your Skype: live:danlooke14 Confirm
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    VFL England Nations League Trialing Thread

    GT : ViP Spootan Position : LM, DM Skype (MUST HAVE) : live:danlooke14 Availability between 27th and the 2nd : All How you qualify for England : Born and live
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    FIFA 21 Closed Beta

    Got a UT code, played way more clubs than UT, pain
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    How's your night going? (Friday)

    1-0 L - Pain just pain 3-1 W - Played well first half, people switched off second half, should’ve won like 6-0 Team played 1 good half the whole night