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Jul 30, 2017
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Hello and Welcome to the official announcement of Fantasy BetVFL, founded by this beautiful man @Lagout ^.

What is BetVFL?
BetVFL has been introduced into the VFL scene after many conversations about the positives and negatives. BetVFL has been introduced to bring the community VFL together, this allows members of the site to have there thoughts and predictions on matches. BetVFL does not use real currency, instead we use tokens.
If you're lucky, you may get a points boost at some point automatically.. try not to spunk them all at once.

How does BetVFL work?
BetVFL works by every week admins choosing fixtures that are the most appealing to we think the community, this could range from relegation scraps, to title winning matches. This does mean that not every game can be betted on.
To place a bet: - Click on a game and the outcome and place a wager..

Current Admin team:
@Ebenezer Scrooge
@Bailey I 18
@Thxts Remy
@I Mobey I
@MTH 6

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to PM any of us or leave the question below.​
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