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    Oct 10, 2021
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    Hi @Aaron,

    Despite the past, I have just wanted to reach out and ask kindly if I could be given the chance to be a manger on the Xbox Next Gen side of things again. I really enjoyed playing UFC aswell and you took that and pro clubs away from me. After taking over 5/6 months out of the game. I have gone away and recruited some players who I can see as some real good competitors in this league. I have filled an application form and all I’m asking is that you just check it out. I wanted to reach out to you but noticed I was blocked on discord.

    I have just played the World Cup with VFL Germany and there was zero issues with them and on my side. I love the game, I have missed management and took some away to focus and to appreciate things more.

    I don’t want you to assume I will let you down, I have spoke to @Barney2goose and we have had a chat. I genuinely am here to play and enjoy clubs again. I have the players, the experience and I’m not going to cause any dramas or stress to any admin team. The second you think I am acting up or strange I will let you ban me, i really do enjoy VFL and have missed it. I appreciate your time