Missing Awards From Your Profile?

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    Missing an Award? You're at the right place.

    We altered the award system recently to allow you guys to regain the ability to sort your awards. Something so small, but it means you can have a bit of a nice pattern going on like myself.

    However, in doing that, some have kept their award score, but their awards are not visible on their profile when they post. So this is what that is for. It's quite easy on how to claim a missing award;

    - Your GT when you won the Award
    - Season
    - Team
    - What trophy?

    Once you have them on your profile like me, here's how to sort your awards;

    #1 - Click your profile, then click your name so you head to your own profile page.

    #2 - Go to Awards.

    #3 - Scroll down to "Sort".

    #4 - Pick the order you want them to appear in, and save.

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