**OFFICIAL** - Season 54 - Key Dates

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    EVERYTHING is on Xbox Series X/S.

    The Xbox Series S and X have now been out for 2 years.... I mean, at this point, if you don't have one, that's a choice, we're not waiting for you. The S is £250, you trade in your Xbox One, you can get it for £200. If you havent saved up £200 in 2 years, then sorry boys, but I can't help you. We'll see you when you make the switch to current-gen. We're not doing anything old-gen.

    Your Season 54 Key Dates

    VFL Season 54 Mid-Season Transfer Window - 30
    th of January - 2nd of February

    VFL Season 54 Mid-Season Inactivity Bin - 5th of February - 9th of February

    VFL Season 54 Final League Game Day - 12th of February

    VFL Season 54 Cup Final Day - 17th of February

    VFL Season 54 Champions League + Europa League + Europa Conference League Week (based on S54 League Positions) - 18th of February + 19th of February

    VFL Season 55 Pre-Season / Contract Expiration Day - 20th of February​
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