VFL Rivals (Supported by EGN) - Track your Club!

Aaron Baker

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Apr 4, 2014
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Sup all!

So as you may have seen, today we managed to agree a partnership deal with Aussie/NZ site EGN. I wont go into too much of the details with that since it's been done in General Discussion, however, brought to the table with them is their Rivals system, a system the old heads from back in the day will remember from Bluefin.

This allows you to essentially log your club, and have everything tracked when it comes to divisions matches. Helps with analysis, helps with "reaching the top" in terms of bragging rights, and also supports the message of having clubs continue and run the whole year. I also plan to use these for various little prizes here and there throughout the year i.e. whoever is top at the end of month X gets Y type thing.

So yeah, please, for your 11s club, head here;

Register up for an account, then head here;

https://egn-gaming.com/fifa/rivals/20/eu/xboxone - XB1
https://egn-gaming.com/fifa/rivals/20/eu/ps4 - PS4

And log your club!

Once it gets approved after 24-48 hours, you'll see what I mean when it comes to using the FIFA API to show you various bits and pieces. Thank you so much in advance! Thread with more detailed info and the owner asking questions is below.