VFL Rivals - What is it / How to Sign Up

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What is Rivals?

Rivals is our completely automated match tracking and leaderboard system for Pro Clubs Seasons. Games that are played between two registered Rivals clubs are saved on EGN with a full match report available minutes after the final whistle is blown. Points are then distributed to teams and players based on their performances in these matches.

Rivals adds a layer of competitiveness on top of an otherwise stale in-game ranking and matchmaking system. There are no set schedules or friendly matches involved, you simply search for regular Pro Clubs Seasons matches and hope that you match up against another Rivals club.

There are Monthly and All Time leaderboards for 3 different categories: Attack, Defence and Goalkeeper. A Team of the Month is announced at the end of every month which comprises of the top 5 attackers, top 5 defenders and top goalkeeper from the leaderboards. The leaderboards are ranked by WPA, which is explained below.

A finals series between the top 4 teams from the leaderboards is played out at the start of the next month.

You can see an example of Rivals in action by checking out Oceania PS4 Rivals.

Player Points

points are heavily based on goals, assists and shots.
Defence points are based on cleansheets, tackles and goals/shots conceded. Defenders in the backline receive a large bonus for cleansheets.
Goalkeeper points are based on cleansheets, saves and goals conceded.

Passes, match rating, win bonus, and points caps are also taken into consideration for all positions.


The team and player leaderboards are ranked by WPA, which stands for Weighted Points Average. We do this to ensure that teams/players who have only played a handful of games aren't able to reach the top of the leaderboards straight away.

Your WPA is your average Points Per Game (PPG) scaled based on how many games you've played for the month.

For example, if you've only played one game for the month and scored 45 points in that game, your PPG will be 45, but your WPA will be 1.1.

As you play more games, your WPA will slowly get closer to what your PPG is, until you reach a minimum of 40 games played for the month, which is when your WPA and PPG will be equal.

Great! How does my team get involved?

Simply register an EGN account, head to the Rivals page and follow this step by step guide:




Wait for an admin to approve your club, and voila! That's it!

From there on out, you simply jump on during peak time and start searching for Clubs games as you normally would!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to DM @SamKani :)
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