Welcome to the 2022/23 World Series - What is this area for?

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    Welcome aboard boys!

    As explained, this season we'll be implementing a contract system for the World Series. What this means is that every single player will now be contracted to their 11s club, rather than there being a big doc of releases and tracking. There will be cycles through various points of the year where everybody will be released from their club apart from the managers, with the old system of "If you play for X clubs, you'll be barred in June's finals" still being in place. What this system does allow for is viewability. You will now be able to see who is legal, who is illegal, and all tournament runners will be able to use the contract system as a base, i.e. "Tournament tonight, World Series rosters only".

    The link to the World Series rosters will be found here.

    Beyond that, this area is now your Club Lounge area. You can use this area to not only showcase your club's playing ethos and history, but also keep records of whatever you wish, for the old heads, think of @Unity Bluefin's old CG/FE forums where you could see the whole history of Unity inside of the Unity thread.

    I will also be asking you to use these lounges as your signing base. It will be where you tag your players who you wish to sign, and where they will need to confirm. I am also going to please ask you to provide your team's logo, I need this for the stats app. If you don't have a logo, feel free to submit anything at all whether it be a random white circle, or a picture of Pep Guardiola's head.

    Beyond that, be ready, be prepared, first tournament is on October 17th, with the rosters also being used in @AidmanSpIiff's World Series League.​
    Not open for further replies.