Welcome to the Second Contract Cycle (December 1st - February 20th)

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    Good Morning all,

    As of today's date (December 1st), I can now say that we are into the second cycle of the 11s calendar. What this means, is that like a regular VFL season, all players have now officially dropped off of rosters. Every single PLAYER is now free to explore their options and see what 11s club is out there for them. The only person that remains on each club is the manager / GM. It will be the responsibility of each manager / GM to re-sign his players and log for the upcoming events.

    There have been rumours of clubs purposely waiting to fold today so that only the manager would take a suspension. I am here to tell you that this loophole does not exist. I have saved copies of rosters. For example, if Unity chose to fold today, they can, but everybody who was contracted to Unity yesterday would be out until December 15th.

    Beyond that, I'm here to remind all players also about the club hop limit. That still exists. If you play for 5 different clubs in official tournaments, then you will be unable to compete in the finals in June. There is no Club #6. After Club #5, you're done for the World Series for this year.

    Lastly, releases have been restocked, each club has 5 releases to last them this period. This period will last from December 1st - February 20th. The reason for the extra half month is because we only plan to run 2 official World Series events in December.

    Thank you, good luck, and managers / GMs, feel free to begin re-posting your team signing threads when you are ready. You can still find your rosters here.​
    Not open for further replies.